Valentines Day Weddings

 Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday; add a wedding to the day, and you have the setting for some special happenings. Here are some ideas to consider for a Valentine's Day wedding:    
    ¨ Consider a gown in a pale shade of pink, or wear a traditional white gown and dress your bridesmaids in varying shades of pink or the traditional Valentine's Day red velvet.    
    ¨ Use heart-shaped everything at the wedding and reception. You can rent a heart-shaped candelabrum from the florist, and you probably can find unity candles with hearts on them and even a guest book in the shape of a heart. Have two intertwined hearts printed on the front of your programs. Use heart-shaped chocolate mints at the reception. You can even buy heart-shaped napkins really, you can.    
    ¨ Go with a red, pink, and white color scheme. Rich red tablecloths, touches of pink in the flowers, and white linen napkins can give a striking appearance to  your reception. Add white votive candles and red or pink rose petals sprinkled on the tables, and you have pure romance.    
    ¨ Have place cards or table numbers written on heart-shaped cards. Obviously, don't forget the heart-shaped wedding cake. Top it off with a hand-blown glass figurine of two hearts. Gifts for your bridesmaids may include heart-shaped jewelry either to wear at the wedding or for their personal enjoyment.    
    ¨ Have your florist send a balloon bouquetheart-shaped, of courseto your bride or groom on the morning of your wedding. Write a love poem, and attach it with a pretty ribbon. What a romantic way to start the day!