Halloween Weddings

         It might sound a bit weird, but a Halloween wedding can be a real treat. One of the more outstanding weddings I've been involved with recently took place on Halloween night. The bridesmaids were dressed in black-sequined dresses, complete with sequined shoes. The bride chose a white-sequined gown with a detachable train. It was elegant! The couple used lots of gold accents throughout the decorations at the church and at the reception.    
    We carried out the Halloween theme more fully at the reception site. When the bridal party was announced, each female attendant carried a hand-held mask (you know, the kind you see at a masquerade ball). The masks were lovely: Some were beaded; some were covered in a moiré ribbon fabric; some were sequined. The men in the wedding party each wore a half face mask. As each couple was introduced, they entered the ballroom, bowed and curtsied to the audience, and removed their masks. The bride and groom each had very elaborately designed masks. It was fun, and certainly a unique idea.    
    Other Halloween weddings have held more to the tradition of Halloween and have asked guests to come in costume. Some of the traditional Halloween elements have been included, such as candy apples as part of the food, a black-and-orange color scheme, fall leaves, baskets of nuts and berries, corn stalks and pumpkins nestled together, and so on. For favors, have Halloween treat bags prepared and left at each place setting for your guests with a note from you and your partner.