Victorian Weddings

 A Victorian wedding refers to the Victorian period in England when Queen Victoria ruled (18371901). It was during her reign that many of the customs we now think of as Victorian were established. A Victorian wedding makes us think of softness, beauty, lace, ribbons, and flowers.   
    For the bridal gown, shop for a dress that features a high neckline, puffed sleeves, and a form-fitting bodice with a fitted waistline. Several patterns on the market duplicate the Victorian look if you can't find one ready-made.    
    Bouquets in the Victorian period were small clusters of flowers held together by a silver, ivory, or gold holder called a Tussy Mussy. These are making a comeback in he Midwest. Many mothers, instead of having corsages pinned to their dresses, are choosing to carry a Tussy Mussy with their flowers. You can incorporate old pieces of lace and ribbon in the bouquets, and the bridesmaids can wear lace and ribbon in their hair. If their dresses have the appropriate neckline, you could have each bridesmaid wear a ribbon with an antique broach pinned on itthat's very Victorian. For pew markers, use long pieces of lace and ribbons interspersed with pink roses and ivy.    
    Make your centerpieces full and romantic, with roses and lots of baby's breath. One added touch is to sprinkle rose petals around the table. Some florists will give you these petals. They have to pull off the outside petals of roses anyway (they tell me that the outside petals are not of high enough quality), and they just throw them away. This can make a very nice touch.    
    Chair bows are another nice touch for Victorian weddings. Tie large bows of lace and ribbon with rosebuds and baby's breath to the back of your chairs at the reception. If you have a large floral budget, tie bows to all the guest chairs. If you're on a tighter budget, tie bows only to the wedding party's chairs, or maybe every other chair. It's a wonderful sight to enter a reception hall and see all the ribbon and flowers accenting the table and chairs.    
    To complete the Victorian look, consider placing a single baby rosebud tied with a hint ribbon at every female guest's place setting.    
    You can develop any type of wedding theme as much as you want. You might use only a hint of a theme, or you might go all out and make it a truly thematic wedding, from start to finish. The choice is yours.