New Years Day Weddings

You can create a special atmosphere planning a New Year's wedding, whether on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.

For the New Year's Eve wedding, the obvious is to have noisemakers and confetti for your guests. Here are some additional ideas for New Year's weddings:

In the center of the dance floor, have a huge sack of balloons tied up, ready to release at the stroke of midnight.

Have guests make New Year's resolutions at their tables, seal them in envelopes, and leave them in a basket by the door. Mail those out later in January to your guests as a reminder of the resolution and of your wedding.

Consider providing a big-screen TV or several smaller TVs spaced around the reception room for the football buffs, or consider providing a separate room with a TV so that die-hard fans can get a glimpse of the games. This idea works best if your reception is small and informal. While probably not high on your list of things to offer for your wedding reception, this does allow for mingling and some fun for your guests.