How to Determine Your Requirements

Your décor requirements will be determined by your wedding vision and your budget. Once you have added the costs of your wedding ceremony site rental, your reception venue charges, and food and beverage components to your Wedding Day Blueprint, the dollars you will have left to spend on items such as décor, flowers, music and entertainment, audiovisual, special lighting, photographer, etc., will emerge. Once you have an idea of the dollars you have left to spend, you can look at where they may be most effective and how they can work to best capture your wedding day must-haves.

What is important is to have the décor company lay everything out menu-style and detail what the décor costs would be at the wedding ceremony site and at the reception. You may need to scale one or the other back and you need to know how the décor dollars have been assigned including delivery, labor, and staffing charges. Have your décor company present you with exactly what you need to put in place to be effective and break the add-ons into optional enhancements. You will have key decisions to make if dollars are becoming limited and you need to work with a décor company that has creative cost-saving ideas on how to achieve the look you want for less.

At the wedding ceremony, focus your décor dollars on what will be serving as a backdrop for your wedding photographs as opposed to blanketing the whole  room if dollars are getting tight. Spend them where it will matter most and will have the most visual impact. For example, floral arrangements tied to the end of pews could easily get damaged as people are moving in and out, or become an item that can snag a wedding or bridesmaid’s dress. They may not be noticeable in wedding photographs, and once your guests are seated, their attention is elsewhere. So unless the pew or chair floral décor is a must-have for you, they are an embellishment. Less expensive options, such as flowing ribbons, are preferable (but make sure that they are not long enough for anyone to trip on, or can easily come undone).

Fresh rose petals scattered down the aisle, done for effect, can become slippery and hazardous for not just the wedding party, but the guests on exiting. Spend your décor dollars wisely. Keep in mind that décor is one of your more fluid items. It can be molded to meet your budget requirements. If you can’t afford to drape an entire room with fiber optics that are enhanced with theatrical lighting for dramatic effect, you may be able to include swags of fabric with twinkle lights, which, in the right décor company’s hands, can create a similar illusion. Illusion is what décor is all about.