Go with the flow of the season

      Whatever your ideas for a seasonal wedding, don't try to go against the grain. If you choose to marry in December, for example, and you know the facilities will be decorated for Christmas, it makes no sense to take down all the decorations and put up something else.    
    One couple, planning for their December wedding, rented a church that was fully (and most beautifully) decorated for the holiday season. Every pew had a gorgeous red pew bow. Garland had been hung, and a huge Christmas tree was aglow with white lights. The bride had chosen peach and blue for her colors, and she removed only the center aisle red pew markers and left all the other Christmas decorations in place. Those peach dresses in December looked a little out of place with all the Christmas decorations. Just use some common sense.    
    Outdoor and Garden Weddings    
    Outdoor and garden weddings are probably the most difficult to plan and the most risky to carry out. For some reason, people seem to feel that if they opt for an outdoor wedding in Grandma's lovely garden, it somehow will be easier and cheaper than renting a facility and a reception hall. Nothing could be further from the truth.