Decor Companies

A FULL SERVICE décor company can handle all or part of your décor, floral, rental items such as props to coat racks, table settings, cutlery, glassware, tables, chairs, linens, overlays, chair covers, and lighting requirements. Some décor companies* own their own props and have specialty divisions, such as their own in-house florist, while others subcontract what they need to bring in. Both have their pros and cons. With a décor company that owns their own props, you may be limited to using only what they can provide unless they are willing to look outside to find what you need to complement what they have in stock.

On the other hand, they may offer a custom product that no one else can obtain. A décor company that subcontracts has the flexibility to work with a variety of suppliers and designers to create a look that is right for you. Your décor needs how extensive and elaborate they are will determine the best fit for you. You may prefer one-stop shopping by going through a full-service décor company or just using them for specific event elements and working directly with florists, rental companies, etc., for the rest if your design needs are not complex and you have the time and inclination to do so.

The savings may not be major between the two ways of handling your décor requirements, but you may end up with a more pulled-together look working through one designer as opposed to pulling the pieces together yourself from different suppliers.